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When Life's Not Fair
by Harlan Betz

We all face difficulties, disappointments, and death! We live in a Satan-twisted, sin-cursed, sorrow-filled world. Are you seeking some kind of peace for your mind? Are you longing for some kind of comfort for your heart? Are you searching for some kind of hope for your future? Even more than that, do you just want to know that you are loved and cared for? Do you want to know you have not been forgotten or abandoned? Do you want to know that help and hope is available? Read on. This book is an exposition of the book of Habakkuk. This book is written to provide help for those who are hurting. This book will bring answers to your troubled mind, comfort to your broken heart, and hope to your discouraged soul. This book will help you discover how to respond When Life's Not Fair.


My friend, Harlan Betz, is a compassionate, loving pastor and Bible teacher, and he has done an incredible job of faithfully explaining and applying the Book of Habakkuk. He clearly addresses and illustrates the “whys” we all struggle with in the face of potential and real suffering. You will be blessed and edified by this book.
Dr. Joe Wall, Director of Equipping Partnerships, East West Ministries Pastor-Teacher, University President, Seminary Professor and Author of Going for the Gold

With love, insight, and compassion, Dr. Betz writes with a pastor's heart connected to real world experience. Readers will find in this book not only a clear biblical exposition of Habakkuk, but a rich trove of illustrations and supplementary material. The study guide is especially thorough and a great help in internalizing the truth of this prophet's important book. I would not consider teaching or preaching Habakkuk without this resource in hand.
Dr. Charles C. Bing, Founder and President of GraceLife Ministries, Burleson, TX

The Scriptures don't seem to spell out the answer for the question, 'Why is life unfair?' Instead they tell us how to respond to the unfairness of life. Through an intensive study of the book of Habakkuk in the Old Testament, Harlan Betz gives insight on this subject with clarity, concreteness, and transparency. Believers and unbelievers will both be helped by not merely knowing what Harlan says but knowing exactly where in the Scriptures God said it first. In so doing you as a reader will know how to respond to life's most unfair moments and how to become a better instead of a bitter person.
Dr. R. Larry Moyer, CEO and Chairman of the Board of EvanTell

Dr. Betz has unearthed a rare gem, an ancient book with timeless truth.  It deals with the age old question, “how do we respond to life when it is unfair?” With the heart of a pastor and the skill of a scholar, Dr. Betz provides encouragement for the soul that spans the gap between the young Christian and the seasoned minister. Habakkuk will help you on your journey of faith!
Dr. Robert R. Livesay, Southeast Asia Pastoral Trainer, East West Ministries Int’l

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