September 2017 - Hurricane Irma
9/25/2017 10:46:00 AM by: Harlan Betz

       Due to Hurrican Irma, I was not able to fly down to Haiti for the September teaching session. Consequently, the Academic Dean, who had taught Soteriology before, is carrying the added burden of teaching the Soteriology class. The Academic Dean and the President of STEP Seminary suggested that I change my focus to preparing the syllabus and the contents for my November teaching session on nine of the Pauline Epistles.

       It was a little disappointing not to be able to teach Soteriology in September, but I am actually very excited about switching gears and preparing to teach New Testament books to these Haitian students at STEP Seminary.  

       I am grateful for those of you who prayed for me as I prepared for the September teaching trip, and who prayed for Sharon and me as we went through Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and who prayed for us as we wrestled with how to respond to Hurricane Irma as it was passing Haiti and hitting Florida. 

       The Scripture says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!” (Psalm 37:23). My grandmother Gladys Betz read that verse and in her own handwriting in her own Bible she wrote these words in the margin: “The stops also!” The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord... and the stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord! The Scripture is truth and my grandmother was right. Therefore, I am confident that God is still on the throne and I believe the Lord stopped me from going to Haiti in September.  

       Now I have turned my attention to studying the Pauline Epistles and to putting together the syllabus, the notes, the quizzes, and the test for this next course that I will teach at STEP Seminary on the Pauline Epistles. The good Lord willing, I will be flying down to Haiti on November 3 and returning to Texas on November 18. In addition to teaching a 30 hour course on the Paulline Epistles, I will be speaking at eight student chapels. I can hardly wait! 

       Thank you again for praying for us and for partnering with us in this life-impacting endeavor. 

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