Teaching to Transform is excited to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in Haiti to transform this nation! God has called Harlan Betz to teach Haitian leaders, train Haitian pastors, and mentor Haitian young people. We believe that as we impact these leaders we are setting the stage not only for their transformation, but also for the transformation of their families, their communities, and their country.

Haiti Facts

Population: 10 million people
Language: Creole and French
Religion: 80% Roman Catholic
Size: Area of New Hampshire
National Religion: Voodoo

80% living under the poverty line
54% live in abject poverty
Average Income $2/day
Poorest Country in the Western hemisphere

90% of all schools are private
50% of children do not attend
20% of Haitians attend high school
60% of Haitians read & write

Many Haitian pastors have no formal theological training and receive no salary. They must work outside the church or do subsistence farming.


Corruption & Chaos

 Protestors have set up road barricades with large rocks or burning tires or brush and wood that have shut down travel and shipments all over the country. The turmoil in Haiti has caused the closing of schools and shops. There is a terrible fuel shortage that has shut down transportation and generators all over the country. I’ve read that over 30 Haitians have been killed and over 200 injured in the last wave of protests.

Most mission trips to Haiti were cancelled in October and they are also cancelled for November and December. Unless things change in a major way, I will not be able to go down for the Christian World Outreach Leadership Conference the first week of January, nor will I be able to go down for the two-week long block course that I am supposed to teach at STEP Seminary the last two weeks of January. 

Please join me in praying for a resolution to this crisis in Haiti. Pray that the leaders will put the people before themselves. Pray for the people’s safety, for an end to the food and fuel shortages, and for an end to the skyrocketing inflation. Pray for peace in the country and for the proclamation of  the gospel.    

There is chaos in the country but God is still on the throne! F.E. Marsh once wrote: “When we leave God out of our reckoning, difficulties will daunt us, temptations will triumph over us, sin will seduce us, self will sway us, the world will warp us, seeming impossibilities will irritate us, unbelief will undermine our faith, Christian work will worry us, fear will frighten us, and all things will wear a somber hue. But when God is recognized as the One who undertakes for us, then difficulties are opportunities to trust Him, temptations are harbingers of victory, sin has no attraction, self is denied, unbelief is ignored, service is a delight, contentment sings in the heart, and all things are possible!” 

The Power of the Word

The Power of the Word

What an awesome privilege to be able to teach the Word of God! The Bible is alive and powerful! Here are a few of the responses to the teaching of the Word:

“I want to thank you with all of my heart for you. You are the one teacher who managed to inspire me. You make me want to learn the Word of God much more. I thank you for sharing your passion for teaching the Word of God. You are increasing my interest in deep study of the Word of God.”

“You were very good in our class. I can’t explain to you how you transform a lot of things in my spirit.”

“Your teaching is way exceptional. I appreciate the spiritual connection when you are teaching.”

“We have been touched by the Word of God.”

What an incredible joy it is to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. God uses ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things, and He brings all the glory to Himself! Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for partnering with me. God is using you and me to teach and transform