Our Values

Teaching To transform and Harlan Betz unashamedly and uncompromisingly strive to be:

Bible-Based — God's Word is our final authority for what we believe and for how we behave. We stand firm where it stands firm and remain flexible where it is flexible. We are committed to studying it, applying it to our lives, and teaching it to others.

Christ-Centered — Jesus is Lord and Head of the church, and it is for Him that we exist. Full devotion to Him is normal for the believer. He is the focus of our faith, the center of our worship, and the master of our lives. If it does not exalt His name and further His kingdom we do not embrace it.

Grace-Oriented — We acknowledge our complete dependence on the goodness and grace of God in everything. We are saved by His grace and we do His will by His grace. We ourselves have benefited from the kind intention of His will; therefore, we eagerly extend His grace to others.

Prayer-Driven — Prayer is a vital aspect of our communion with God. We do not believe that prayer is merely preparation for the work. We believe prayer is continually an essential part of the work.

Love-Motivated — The love of Christ constrains us. Our goal is to glorify God by loving Him, loving other believers, and loving those who do not yet know Christ. Love will motivate us and characterize us.  "The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." Faithfulness, authenticity, integrity, sincerity, and love will define us.

Mission-Minded — We believe that people matter to God; therefore, people ought to matter to us. The Bible challenges us to be salt and light… impacting the world by our walk and by our words. We are to committed to making disciples who make disciples!