Our Vision

In the early 1900s, missionary William Borden asked, “If you see ten men trying to lift a log, nine of them on the light end and one on the heavy end, where will you step in to help?” There is 1 pastor for every 250 people in the United States of America, but there is only 1 pastor for every 450,000 people in the rest of the world. Around 80% of the pastors outside of the United States have little or no formal theological education. Consequently, many people in foreign countries do not have access to good Biblical teaching. 

Dr. Harlan Betz believes God is calling him to invest his life helping at the heavy end by teaching and mentoring the “pastors of churches,” the “teachers of teachers,” and the “leaders of leaders.”  Dr. Betz also wants to reach and teach “everyone” who has a desire to discover the truth and to know Christ and to understand God’s Word. Therefore, in 2017, Dr. Betz stepped away from pastoring a church in the United States and stepped into a role where he can teach and mentor people all over the world! Dr Betz is the founder and president of Teaching to Transform.

Dr Harlan Betz has been on staff as a Professor of Bible at STEP Seminary in Port au Prince since 2017. That door has almost completely closed due to gang activity in the country. Fortunately, God opened a door for Dr Betz to start the “Wisdom from Above” podcast in 2021. This podcast is now one of the key ways Teaching to Transform is reaching around the world proclaiming the the love of Christ and the truths of God’s Word. Wisdom from Above is reaching people in  at least fourteen countries through Spotify and over thirty countries through other platforms such as Apple and Google.