The Power of Prayer
2/5/2019 9:08:00 AM by: Dr Harlan Betz

The Power of Prayer

I was the Bible Teacher for the Christian World Outreach Annual Leadership Conference in Pignon, Haiti January 1-6, 2019. We had about 145 pastors and leaders at the conference. During a workshop session, I gave them an outline of the book of Acts. They loved how easy it was to learn and remember. During another workshop session, I helped them understand the similarities and the differences in the four gospels. This gave them new understanding and greater insight into the focus of each of the gospels. At one of the evening worhsip services, I preached about how God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways and brings all the glory to Himself. They were greatly encouraged by this message. Thank you for praying. 

It was a joy and a blessing to have CWO Preseident Greg Yoder with us at the conference. The main focus of this year’s ledership conference was on prayer. I taught about the basics of prayer, the problems of prayer, the conditions of prayer, the categories of prayer and the answers ro prayer.  In response, Greg Yoder shared a marvelous story of God’s provison for the Leadership Conference. Just three months before this conference was to begin, we were thousands of dollars short and we were going to have to cancel the conference. But God laid this on someone’s heart and the fincances were given to fund the conference! What a marvelous answer to prayer! Thank you for prying.   

These pastors and leaders were all hungry to be taught, eager to learn, and excited to be able to teach others what they were learning. They expressed deep appreciation for the teaching of God’s word, the encouragement of the conference, and the gracious giving of those who made the conference possible. Thank you for praying.  

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