The Power of the Spirit
4/3/2019 10:08:00 AM by: Dr Harlan Betz

The Power of the Spirit! The Holy Spirit clearly guided me and spoke to me though the Word.

Just a couple days before I left for Haiti, I was asked to preach at the Master’s in Organizational Leadership inauguration Chapel. I thought about many passages of Scriputre that i could use for this message. But ultimatley I felt led to focus on the most important aspect of organizational leadershiip… the leader’s life. I had decided on the passage of Scripture that I would use, and I had looked over that passage of Scritpute, but I did not have the message put together. Consequently, I needed to put it together my first week in Port au Prince. I woke up at 3 am one night in Haiti with insights and words pouring into my mind. I’m convinced the Holy Spirit was using that passage of Scripture to speak to me. I got up and began typing those thoughts into a message. I titled the message “Ten Traits of a Godly Leader.” The result was a message the President referred to as “very powerful!”  and the Professor who was translating it said, “The message was so deep and personal that I was thinking about the application to my life and I forgot to translate!”

I was asked to preach at a student’s church. The Holy Spirit tore the spiritual blinders from a young man’s eyes and at the end of the Sunday Morning message I gave at a STEP Seminary student’s church, this young man placed his faith in Christ as his own personal Savior! Heaven is rejoicing!

The Holy Spirit enabled me to share practical illustrations and personal applications as I taught this full semester course on Old Testament Historical Books. One of the students mentioned that “This course will be beneficial throughout our ministry and daily life!” Another wrote: While you teach us you also help us stay connected with God… “My faith has grown during this course and I am feeling very close to the Lord.”  

God the Holy Spirit has gifted me as a pastor-teacher, and that pastoring-shepherding heart touched the lives of the students. The students wrote: “Your coming and your ministry were a gift to us. We have been deeply touched by your teaching. We are particularly grateful for your relationship with us. We love you!”


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