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Wisdom from Above partners with STEP Seminary.  

STEP (Seminary Theological Evangelical Port au Prince) traces its roots back to the Evangelical School of the Bible (EEB), one of the oldest evangelical schools in the Caribbean (founded in 1942).  STEP was established in 1981 and in 1997 STEP merged with EEB and continued as STEP. STEP is associated with the Union of Evangelical Baptists in Haiti. STEP currently has around 300 students enrolled in its classes.

The President of STEP, Wadestrant (Wawa) Jean-Baptiste, invited Dr. Harlan Betz to join their faculty and serve as a professor. Dr. Betz began traveling to Haiti every semester to teach and mentor students and to speak at the student chapels. He also occasionally served as the speaker for annual alumni conferences and at spiritual life conferences. He also sought to help with their outreach to the community, including the outreach to the children in the area. Harlan often spoke at a student or a professor’s church on the wekends… which gave him the opportunity to get to know them and their ministries better. In the last few years travel to Hait has been shut down by civil unrest and kidnappings.