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Secrets of Samuel
by Dr Harlan D Betz

The Bible is a faith-inspiring, truth-revealing, life-changing book! Secrets of Samuel is based upon an inductive study of the Bible, and it brings to light truths that would remain unknown apart from biblical revelation. Secrets of Samuel uncovers these eleven life-impacting principles:

  1. The trouble that never hurts us.
  2. The decision you never regret.
  3. The hope that never disappoints.
  4. The path that never prospers.
  5. The voice you should never ignore.
  6. The name you never want. 
  7. The revelation you never escape.
  8. The peace you never earn. 
  9. The admission you never enjoy. 
  10. The rock that never moves.
  11. The one that never gives up.

These biblical principles are critical for establishing a godly Christian home and for living a victorious God-honoring Christian life. Since Secrets of Samuel is based upon an inductive study of the Bible, God can use this book to inspire your faith, reveal new truths and change your life!


This study of 1 Samuel is a gem! It is faithful, engaging, and practical—a solid and appealing exposition of the Bible. Highly recommended for preachers and teachers, small groups, adult classes, youth ministries, family devotions, and personal Bible study. You will find yourself pulled into the stories of 1 Samuel 1–7 and motivated toward genuine life change and Christian maturity as a result.
Dr. Buist M. Fanning, Department Chair and Senior Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Psalmist declared, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me… and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” The Secrets of Samuel is a book that will challenge your heart as it most effectively unpacks essentials in living the Christian life from the opening chapters of the book of 1 Samuel. The content is readable, concise, memorable, and lifted out of the pages of the inerrant Biblical history to be applied in a 21st century world. The devotional section of each chapter will enable the reader to capture the highlights of each chapter and personalize them. In a day when families make little effort to follow the challenge of Scripture to train up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the appendixes of this book will provide a roadmap for doing so while each chapter provides a tool to make obedience to that challenge a reality.
Dr. David Den Hartog, Senior Pastor of Cleburne Bible Church in Cleburne, Texas.

Harlan Betz has put together a rich guide that gets you thoughtfully immersed in 1 Samuel. The Secrets of Samuel are laid out in a straightforward and practical manner reflecting Harlan’s heart of a pastor. Harlan’s devotional study has many uses. It is a guide that can be used personally to gain insights from the Word as you study 1 Samuel, as well as a mirror to examine the heart. The Secrets of Samuel is also a solid tool to use for leading small groups seeking to know the Lord and seeking to be impacted by His Word.
Dave Semmelbeck, President of Biblical Education by Extension World.

During the long period of spiritual dearth and corrupt leadership, God honored a humble woman and through her faith, He gave the world a new channel of His revelation, the prophet Samuel.  As you utilize this tool, you will not only be adequately informed about the events of this period of our spiritual history but you will be challenged and better equipped in your daily Christian walk.  Harlan Betz doesn’t even know how to teach and write without adequately including the personal applications of the biblical text. I highly recommend this valuable tool for individual and small group use.
Dr. Don Den Hartog, Pastor of Biblical Education at Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, Va.

I met Harlan Betz when I was an unmarried seminary student looking for a church to serve in. I got far more than I thought I was looking for. I got to know and serve with Harlan Betz for four years. I had the privilege of having a front row seat in seeing God work through a man who is fully devoted to Jesus, to the gospel, to the Scriptures, and to his family. I also got to know a man who loved life—who enjoyed rigorous games of football, basketball, and ping pong… and who was quick to share a joke—which he usually would be the first to respond to with a laugh. I learned lessons from Harlan that I have applied throughout my years in ministry both in my churches and in my marriage. You will find this study of the life of Samuel to be Biblically accurate and personally applicable. You will learn as Harlan will ask many questions for you—questions that will cause you to dig into the Scriptures, and questions that will cause you to dig into your own heart. 
Doug Schillinger, Lead Pastor at Parkview Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

This book will do more than just fill you in on information about Samuel. As you read it, you will feel as if you are interviewing Samuel himself as he shares wisdom from his life that can transform yours! Highly practical, extremely personal, and easily applicable.
Mr. Bill Freund, Student Pastor at Grace Chapel Castle Rock

Equipped with a manual on how to engage the Bible, my brother-in-law Harlan has carefully approached the life of Samuel with the skill of a biblical exegete and the heart of a seasoned shepherd.  The outcome is a personable and passionate uncovering of the truths and principles embodied in the life of Samuel during the days of Israel’s united monarchy, all of which is sprinkled with a farm boy’s sense of humor.  Dive in and be challenged by the personal applications permeating Secrets of Samuel.
Dr. Thomas A. Rodgers, Lead Pastor, Grace Church, Wichita falls, Texas


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